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3-Way Light Bulbs offer the flexibility of three different levels of light output so users can choose the required light needed for various tasks while utilizing one bulb instead of multiple bulbs or lamps. Three way light bulbs are available in 3-way incandescent or compact fluorescent and require lamps to utilize 3-way sockets with a 3-way, 2-circuit switch for proper operation. 3-way bulbs are mainly used in table lamps or floor lamps, and most operate on a low-medium-high light output configuration.

A 3-way incandescent bulb has two filaments designed to produce different amounts of light. These two filaments can be activated individually or together, giving three different levels of light. A very typical 3-way incandescent bulb is a 50-100-150 watt bulb. It has a "low"-power 50 watt filament and a "medium"-power 100 watt filament. When they are both energized at the same time, 150 watts of power is consumed, and the "high" level of light is produced.

3-way compact fluorescent bulbs provide up to 80 percent energy savings and emit 25 percent less heat than incandescent three-way bulbs. 3-way CFLs are available in a variety of color temperatures, from the popular warm white 3-way CFL to the full spectrum daylight white 3-way CFL. A super bright high lumen 3-way CFL uses a maximum 40 watts to provide up to a 200 watt brightness equivalency.

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